Oil & Gas

Benchmark Engineering has drilled approximately 150 wells.

Benchmark has also completed projects involving the drilling of several hundred wells in Southeast Saskatchewan. Several of these wells have been in the Bakken zone with ball drop systems, cemented liners and cemented 139 mm casing in the monobores. Along with these, Benchmark has drilled many horizontal Mississippian wells in the Alida, Midale and Frobisher formations with a mix of single and dual leg laterals. Clients in this area include Petrobank, Crescent Point, Renegade, Glamis, Open Field, Martin Head, and Silver Spur, among others.

Benchmark has drilled close to 100 wells in the Gull Lake, Shaunavon area of Southwest Saskatchewan. These wells were horizontals in the Shaunavon zone. While most were ball drop systems, Benchmark also utilized cemented monobores. Clients include Wave, Crescent Point, Reece and Martin Head.

Benchmark has been very busy in the Swan Hills/Virginia Hills area north of Edmonton. These projects mostly involve horizontal wells in the Swan Hills member, Beaver Hill Lake, and Slave Point zones. All of these wells have used ball drop systems hung in place to depths from 4000-4600 m. Clients in this area include Coral Hill, Second Wave, Legend and Georox.

Benchmark has drilled wells in many other high profile areas and zones. These include horizontals in the Exshaw (AB Bakken), Montney, Rock Creek, Dunvegan, Nisku, Glauconitic and many heavy oil zones.