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Offering a complete, integrated solution for permanent installations in the oil and gas sector.

optimized completions

Utilizing the latest technology to learn from your reservoir.

Completion costs are capital intensive, and continue to increase – surpassing drilling costs in some areas over the last number of years. Running permanent fibre-optics offers three distinct advantages:

1. Completion Optimization: Real-time hydraulic fracture diagnotics, optimization of fluid/proppant placement and limited entry designs.

2. Reservoir Monitoring: Production monitoring, showing individual stage contributions, eliminating the need for PLT work.

3. Reservoir Characterization: When used in conjuction with micro-seismic, frac growth/placement can be optimized.


Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS)

Fibre cable used as a single sensor for the length of the wellbore. Strain is measured from acoustic interactions along the fibre – allowing the operator to better understand where the fracture treatment is being delivered.

Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS)

Fibre cable is used to measure temperature along the length of the wellbore, providing a continuous temperature profile. Typically used in conjuction with DAS for confirmation of fluid movements and wellbore warm-back. 

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