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Benchmark Drilling Supervisors have experience drilling in all formations in all parts of the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin, Williston Basin, the Yukon Territories, the High Arctic, and several countries overseas.

Benchmark personnel take pride in culturally and environmentally friendly practices. With vertical, directional, horizontal, shallow, deep, SAGD, CBM, re-entry, coil tubing, under-balanced, long reach horizontal, and multi-lateral project experience, Benchmark’s Drilling Supervisors are well-versed in drilling techniques.

Benchmark also provides specialized consultants experienced in drilling critical sour and foothills wells as well as in multi-well project co-ordination, cost drilling, salt cavern storage, and remote location operations. Supervisors are familiar with the most recent bit technologies as well as various mud systems including polymer, gel-chem, silicate, invert, air drilling, under balanced, and reverse circulating.


Benchmark completions / workover supervisors have experience with projects in all parts of the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin as well as internationally.

These consultants have worked with every aspect of conventional and non-conventional well completions. Their experience includes projects such as SAGD, heavy oil, CBM, critical sour, non-critical, electrical submersible installs, pump to surface, slant service rigs, service rig, rigless, co-rod installs, shallow gas projects, directional, horizontal, underbalanced, coil tubing, coil hang-off, coil fracs, re-completions, plug retrieval, remedial cementing, snubbing, fishing, vent flow repairs, slickline, and abandonments.


Benchmark provides experienced field construction consultants for lease, road, and civil construction throughout Western Canada.

They strive to maintain a safe and cost-effective working environment while preventing environmental disturbances and potential landowner issues.

Benchmark’s Construction Consultants are capable of handling programs from small single lease to multi-well locations. Consultants are compliant with all government regulations involving sump disposal, waste management, reclamation, and remediation.

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